Jesus is Jewish!

Yippee! Whoopee! Wahoo!

Does that shock you? After all, that man (we prefer to use a more accurate pronounciation of his name, "Yeshua") was born of the royal line of King David. He was circumcised on the eigth day (Luke 2:21 - check!), was redeemed under the Torah as the firstborn (Luke 2:22-23 - check!), celebated the Passover (Luke 2:41 - check!), and obseved many, many other hallmarks of a Jewish man.

That is a wonderful thing, and nothing to be hidden or ashamed of. Both Jew and Gentile alike can rejoice over all that he accomplished, and over the faithfulness of G-d who provided the Messiah he had promised so long ago.

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We are a sensible and haimish little congregation that has been meeting to the Northwest of Baltimore City (now between Pikesville and Owings Mills) for about 10 years now. Please feel free to poke around this web site and to pay us a visit sometime.

Gentile Believers ask how to tell their Jewish friends, neighbors and family about Yeshua. Let me suggest the following 4 step process:

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